So why am I building a Dax Rush?

Back in 1988, I purchased one of the new body shape Westfield 'Sei's. 'New' because Westfield had been ordered to change the shape following litigation from Caterhams, and 'i' standing for IRS.

Being young (does 24 count as young?), impatient and working a one-day on, one day off shift pattern, I finished the build in three months flat. The result, as you can imagine, was a fairly mediocre example of the breed that didn't really stand up in comparison to the others in the local area Westfield Owners Club.

I was keeping the car at my father's place and living elsewhere without a garage. This meant that when I wanted to drive it, I had to drive over to his place to collect it, and vice versa after the day's exhibitionism was over. Anyway, the result was that I didn't feel happy with the car and the drive to get to drive it meant that I didn't use it very often. Despite the occasional attempts to improve things (usually following morale boosting trips to Kit Car shows) I decided to sell it in 1991. My father was right when he said: "You'll regret that decision one day". He was right the first crisp sunny spring day the following year.

The car was sold to a local guy and never seen again. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Westfield with the registration number Q815 JKP, it would be nice to know if it's still around.

This would never pass the SVA today!

Now the story jumps to 2000. Married with 2.4 kids and a fast approaching mid-life crisis, it was time to indulge oneself again. This time it is to be a 'take as long as necessary to achieve the best build possible for the budget' approach. However, the other (better?) half had to be placated / convinced. So a deal was done. The wife got a new conservatory and garden, and I got the Rush.

It's funny how time glosses over the memories of the Westfield build, leaving only the good bits. Already the Dax build is reminding me of all those occasions twelve years ago when I said 'never again'!