The Gallery.

Front Uprights

Rusty Fronts!


The Office

Rear Caliper

Rear Caliper


Golden Diff


Finished Driveshaft

3.9 Rangie Engine

Bigger than I imagined!

3.9 Plenum

3.9 Plenum

Body Panels

Light Bright Green


It all starts here.

Nicely packed at the

Box of bits.

Rover 5 speed and long

Gearbox & Long Remote.

Did I over do the rivets?

Nearside rear side panel.

Hmm, should I have put this
                                      in yet?

Rear bulkhead in place.

Looks OK to me!

Rear of rear bulkhead.

Must remember, no oil yet!

Diff and driveshafts.

Nearside hub assembly

Nearside hub assembly.

Completed De Dion

Complete De Dion Set-up.

Brake pipe mounted on chassis

Top view of offside brake assembly.

Rear brake assembly.

Offside rear brake assembly.

Dax showroom De Dion rear

Dax showroom De Dion showing rear brake line routing..

Note holes where the pipe
                                      used to run!

Main brake pipe run.

Front rigid brake pipes

Front brake pipe run.


A well used workmate!

Front brake pipes and pressure switch..

Footwell panels roughly in

Footwell panels ready for fitting.

'P' clip used to hold brake

Rear brake pipe mounting.

Pump mounted on steel 'L'

EFI fuel pump position.

EFI fuel pump

Further view of fuel pump.

Pretty to look at!

Bullet pump in position.

Reconditioned from a R380

Reconditioned LT77 Remote.

Strange reversing interlock

LT77 reversing lamp switch location.

Not so daunting as it looks

Dashboard loom!!.


Front loom!!.

Colour co-ordinated cable

Rear loom in situ.

Rear loom run along top
                                      tunnel member

Rear loom run along tunnel.

Not sure if this is a good

Fuel pump ballast resistor.

                                      new dawn for a P6

A little older than I would have liked.

Now you see it......

3.5 Rover V8 and it's a runner, honest!.

Now you don't!

What to do with it now?.

And then there were two.

Only 17 years between them!.

Much cleaner

3.5 laid bare!

Factory open day

13th April 2001

Tojeros at the factory

13th April 2001.

And then there were two.

P6 Front timing cover.

Huge pulleys

Land Rover timing cover.

So I don't forget

Water pump connections.

The build as of 16.6.1

Build as of 16th June 2001.

Engine in at last

Engine in at last.

Plenty of room!

Water pump pulley clearance.

No need to re-route the
                                        brake line

Crank pulley clearance.

Nice butt!

Rear tub in place..

Nice fit.

Side view of rear tub.

A hole all the way through,
                                        no oil pump!

Timing cover distributor hole.

Daddy's second bundle of

Charlotte (age 3) 'Why's it taking so long Daddy?'.

very poor casting.

Head inlet ports..

Injector 'eyes'.

Inlet manifold ports.

Eight trumpets

Efi system on.

Looking good

Side view of plenumless induction.

The green one is for the

Efi relays.

It will go day!

The remaining 3.9 block & heads.

Brmmm brmmm

Pedal box.

Steel brace

Lower alternator mounts.

Rear mount with 25mm

Lower rear alternator mount. .

Nice alternator fan (cost

Alternator front tensioner mount.

In the proper place

Alternator in place.

Another view of the steel

Lower front alternator mount.

Fits well here

Remote oil filter.

Oil pipes run under sump

Oil filter remote showing pipe route.

Halfords doing well

Oil filter remote mount..

Looking good

Sides ready to fit.

I thinks it's coming
                                        together nicely

Offside view.

Very full bay

Filling up nicely.

                                        enough I hope

Fan & Radiator

Not very clear.

Expansion tank connection to lower hose.

New Rover 200 I think.

Expansion bottle (ex Rover I think).

Getting crowded.

Crowded battery shelf.

Plenty of room!

More battery shelf.

Not much room under here

Not as bad as it looks, Ha Ha!.

Coil in place.

Coil mounting bracket..

Good use of the space.

Airhorns, relay and fan relay mounting bracket.

Bit big, not sure?

Fog, reversing and number plate lamps mounted.

Nice Avons

Avon ZZ1s.

It WILL start!

Full engine bay.

Hope there's room for the

Under scuttle ECU.

Bit big maybe?

Dash warning lamps.

Lots of GRP dust!

Contoured dash.

Neat L bracket

Throttle cable mount.

Very easy to trim to

Land Rover throttle cable bulkhead end.

Shorter wishbone arm to the

Front suspension.

Only 220 lbs/ft of torque
                                        to undo these!

Front wheel bearings.

heath Robinson throttle

Throttle Linkage.

Another view of the front

Another view of the front suspension..

Very neat I do believe.

Speedo sensor mount.

Can you see the weld?

4 into 1 collector.

Heavier than it looks.

CC 5" Megazone!

Leftovers after header

Offcuts from header fitting.

Woodworking skills, 0/10!

Fitting the Megazones.

Ready for fitting the
                                        header pipes.

4 into 1 collector in position.

Ready for headers.

4 into 1 collector in position

Enough leftover for another

Spare collectors and header tube.

That's more like it!

Second fitting, post header TIG weld.

Yellow makes a change from

Gold MOs and yellow calipers.

Very Green!

Dash in position.

Greengauges that are

Dial close up.

Nice 'n shiny

Finished collector.

Fits perfectly.

Exhausts fitted.

Coating inside and out.

Cermakrome coated 4 branch manifold.

                                        of 20.4.2

The current state of play.

Still some way to go.

After 18 months!.

Close up.

Nearside front close up.

August 2002

August 2002

New induction

No more Efi


New speed sensor fixing.


Nearside & rear

Nearside & front



Motorcycle indicators.

Offside front view.

Nearside fron indicator.