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Personal Build Websites

Tim Hoverd
William Turner

Ashley Trowe

Mark Fitzsimmons

Chris Bell
Thomas van Hemert

Keith Chappell
Nigel Christie

General Rush Sites

Dax Cars

Se7ens List

Rush Forum

V8 Links


Everything you need for your Rover V8 and with a DROC discount.

Rimmer Bros

SD1 Rover, Range Rover and V8 specialists.

John Eales Developments

Another V8 specialist.

V8 Developments

And another V8 specialist.

J.E Engineering

And yet another V8 specialist.

British V8 Conversions

An odd site dedicated to squeezing V8s into small sports cars.

Rover Heritage

The Gaydon Rover Heritage Museum. They can certify the age of your Rover V8 for a small consideration (up to circa 1988 however).

Other Useful Links

Ashcroft Transmissions

Got my LT75 remote and gearstick assembly from these guys. Very helpful.

Custom Chrome

Sourced all the parts to build my entire exhaust system from Custom Chrome, and saved a grand on the Dax price!. A bit slow to deliver however.


Ceramic exhaust coating specialists. Mine are coated inside and out!

Europa Spares

For all those specialist parts your local Shane and Wayne shop doesn't stock.

Demon Tweeks

And if Europa don't have it DT usually does.

Think Automotive

For all your oily, hydraulicky, petroly tubes and fittings. Got my remote oil filter set-up from these guys.


Design your own dash gauges on the web. Tad pricey but very quick delivery.

Auto Sparks

Useful for all your automotive wiring and connector needs.

Equicar 4x4

Land Rover breakers for your V8 engine sir. Make sure you get a copy of the V5.

Burton Power

Ford performance parts outfit but best price around for that Momo steering wheel.

Stafford Vehicle Components

Useful source of hard to find bits and bobs.

Car Builder Solutions

Stock all of the very hard to find parts and accessories for building your kit car.


Makers of kits to replace the clockwork internals of your distributor with very nice solid state electro-wizzardery worthy of Hogwort's.

Fuel System Enterprises

Fuel pumps & filters together with clever fuel regulators are available from these guys at a good price.

Woolies Trim

I bought some very flexible waterproof carpet from these guys. Much easier to work than the Dax supplied trim.

Image Wheels

Expensive three-piece alloys.

Compomotive Wheels

Good value one piece wheels as used on at least two V8 Rushes...if you are prepared to wait for delivery.

Wolfrace Wheels

More wheels.

Split Rims

Yet more wheels.

Goodyear Tyres


Vehicle Inspectorate

For SVA station information and how to apply.


For registration assistance.

Machine Mart

All the tools to build your Rush.

Screwfix Direct

Good source of nuts 'n bolts and screws etc.


Website that lists all things of interest to the kit car enthusiast.

RS Components

Useful site for those hard to get electrical and mechanical items. My alternator belt comes from RS.

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