July & August 2002

4th August, 2002

Well a very long time since my last update, but that's not to say that I've not been busy.

Basically, I've thrown in the Efi towel and gone for a Weber 500 carburettor and JWR/Offenhauser inlet manifold system. At the same time I've modified my Rover 35D8 distributor to mate with the newer style oil pump drive AND fitted a Lumenition optronic system in place of the points. Net result is an engine that idles very smoothly and picks up very well indeed. Oh and the tacho now works properly! The downside is that the above cost approx. £700. Still I feel that I've turned the corner now and the end is in sight. So much so that I have applied for the SVA.

Nice 'n
                chromyBallast, powerpack , coil and condenser all on one

Top hose works well with RPI's
                thermostat housing.

Otherwise I've fitted all of the lights and also fabricated and installed the heater (although it's 50-50 if there's enough warm air flow to please Mr SVA). I've also moved the speedo sensor to the diff output flange and worked out the calibration figure for the Greengauges speedo. Should be 3344 pulses/mile or a setting of 0111001000....we shall see! Also bent the fuel sensor in the time honoured way to make the Greengauges dial work the correct way around.

I don't think it will vibrate too

I have a postcard from Gillingham SVA station inviting me to book an appointment, there's about 5 days work left to finish the car and I have no time off.....bummer. Will call and book something mid-September methinks.

Trail fit of bonnet and nose.Nearly there.

I've bought some SVA compliant rubber bonnet catches from Car Builder Solutions @ £16/pair. A tad pricey but much better than the Dax velco-on covers. Will fit these this weekend.

I have a short but probably expensive list of bits 'n bobs that I still need to buy from Dax to finish the car and therefore a trip up the M11 is required.....sooner rather than later.

9th August, 2002

Hmmm, called Gillingham SVA centre today and the earliest they can do is 2nd October at 13:00. Oh well, at least there's no rush now to try and get some of the summer in. IF it passes that day, it will be two years to the month since my kit was collected.

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