September & October 2002

October 2nd, 2002

Again another long delay before updating the 'site.

Since the last update all of my available time has been spent preparing for the SVA, which was booked for today.

Prior to that I took the Rush for an MOT, which it passed, even though the tester failed to notice (as did I) that one of the front brake pads was put in wrong. That is metal to disc (oops, that's what that odd noise was and why the brakes pulled to the left!!). Easy to fix when I got home but I now have a scored disc...bummer.

Off I went to Gillingham SVA station with my Dad following (the 5th emergency service) and arrived in plenty of time. On arrival I was told that 3 out of the 4 SVA testers were sick and I was lucky not to have been cancelled.

The test began at 13:00 sharp with a brake balance bar check to see that it was pinned for non-adjustment. Then came the chassis and engine number check (along with proof of age paperwork) and we were off to a flying start. The tester then did a quick tour of the car and pointed out a few minor items that I was allowed to 'correct' and then it was that long drive down the test hall.

Lights and mirrors were then checked for 'e' marks and the tyres for 'e' marks and speed ratings. Windscreen washers were given the 5 second blockage test and the wipers were also tested for self-park etc.

Emissions were checked using a machine although exempted by my engine age and a visible smoke test was done. Exhaust noise level was next and was found to be 93dBa.

Speedo calibration was spot on (I was a tad surprised given all of the problems others have had with their Greengauges reed switch set-up). That being said, the speedo over read by 2 mph all the way up the range with the exception of the 50 MPH test which over read by 4 MPH. After that the brake checks were done along with the weights etc. Here are the printouts..

It was then a trip to the office where the MAC was completed and Robert's your Mum's brother!

20th October, 2002

Ready for registration now, so here's a few pictures of the nearly finished (ha ha) car.


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