July 2001

22nd July, 2001

Hmmm, a very overdue update mainly because this is the busiest time at work and with the saucepans on holiday there's little time to keep the record straight.

Basically progress has been modest, and is summarised as follows:-

  • The necessary connectors were crimped on to the front, rear and dash looms to make them all join together. The front loom was cable tied on to the chassis in a approximate position until all of the engine ancillaries are installed.

  • The steering column and rack were installed.

  • The scuttle was cut to accommodate the brake and clutch master cylinders. The GRP recess was wurthed to the rear of the scuttle.

  • The starter motor was fitted to the engine and wired up.

  • Steering wheel and indicator/windscreen wiper stalks fitted.

  • The clucth and brake master cylinders were fitted as was the clutch slave cylinder (Rimmers part GSY101). The clutch master and slave cylinders were connected together using a braided flexible hose from Rimmers, which was originally designed to replace the original SD1 rigid and rubber hose fitments. The Rimmers part number is RO1017. To use this part however I also needed an adaptor from Think Automotive at the master cylinder end of the above item. The adaptor required is a -4jic to -3jic, Think Automotive part number FBM2048.

The month has not been a cheap one however.

Through contacts in the F3000 paddock, I purchased my tyres, two 245/45ZR16s and two 205/45ZR16 Avon ZZ1s. Prices were 'keen' at £65 for the big ones and £60 for the small, plus the dreaded VAT. £300 the lot. To put that into perspective, on the Kwik-fit 'site, one Avon 245/45ZR16 will set you back £175!!

On my way back from Silverstone, I stopped off at the factory to buy a radiator and a propshaft. Confusion reigned at the stock counter since Simon was away and they had just introduced a new computer system for stock control.

Anyway, I wanted to buy the high efficiency copper rad since it was £85 cheaper than the ally version. After much faffing about, one was located but the price could not be found on the computer!! Eventually the price was found and I left £300 lighter with rad and prop. This was not the end of the story however!!

My father called me two days later to say that he had tried the prop in position and it was too short by 150mm. A call to Dax confirmed that I had been sold a Tojeiro prop (Argh!!). I said that I would bring it back for replacement and Peter duly ordered the correct item. Then on Friday I received a letter saying that the rad that they had sold me was not a high efficiency copper item since that type had been discontinued. Apparently they are now the same price as the ally item and Dax now consider it unnecessary to stock both. Seems that Simon had returned in the nick of time and pointed out the errors to the powers that be (his Dad!). To their credit, Dax offered me 10% off the price of the ally rad by way of compensation and so Friday afternoon saw me back up the M11 to swap the rad and return the prop.

It remains to be seen if the correct prop does eventually arrive at my house.

Right now priority one is to make a bracket and fit the alternator. Once this is in, I can really crack on.

Next items to order will be the contoured dash, vinyl covered, the standard carpet set, deluxe squab seats, instruments and windscreen. Oh and then there are the wheels (F1 contacts unable to help here), the lights, the exhaust etc. etc...........

Seriously though, I need to make a list of things to buy and fit as lately, much time has been wasted by 'dreaming' the car finished rather than getting on with it using a clearly defined plan of attack.

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